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Daily dose of love quotes here
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"i sat on your porch
crossed legs
hair braided down to my waste
cherry lips
sun tanned face.
You open the door
stepping out handing me a glass of lemonade. 
that was the first time I’d been to your house and
were already in love.
2 years later,
i wait outside your door,
holding a box full of clothes and records.
i wait for you to come down and hand me my things.
my hair is short,
and I am pale like the line around your finger where the ring i gave you for our 1 year anniversary used to be.
my lips carry the taste of menthol cigarettes, 
and you still say im too good for that.
we trade things, 
you try to hug me,
but i step away,
almost too fast
and I walk all the way home,
never to see you again."
- I cut my bangs today but you’ll never see // 12:39 am (via extrasad)

(via makeyoufeel-wanted)

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